“Maja worked hard to improve my English. She is a very nice teacher and she has a lot of patience, and you never felt stupid (trust me sometimes I was), but Maja is good at keeping your mood high. Maja was always prepared for the lessons and the time when she teaches goes fast. Maja is a very good teacher. Her personality and determination represent a natural respect for people.”
-Jeanette, intermediate student, Denmark

“Maja er så sød og meget pædagogisk! Hun gjorde et fantastisk job med at tilpasse materialet til os.”
-Lærke, advanced student, Denmark

“Last year I received a scholarship that would allow me to pursue my career goals and to travel around five different countries in Europe. I was very happy and excited, when I got an email saying I had to first pass the TOEFL test. I had three weeks to prepare and a big award waiting for me! As a Portuguese woman I was emotional and hysterical; I was the worst student that a teacher could wish for! Maja was more than a teacher, she calmed me down with her patient tone, she gave me confidence and she designed the perfect classes, after identifying my needs. I received a very good score and I ended up going on my master’s adventure. The first location was the UK and my English skills were very much appreciated. I had the perfect basis to study at a Master’s level and all the advice Maja gave me was very useful, in order to read faster and write the academic articles I had to.”
-Teresa, advanced student, Portugal

“Maja is very sweet and gives me time to understand. I am happy.”
-Jesper, beginner student, Denmark

“Maja has always had a respectful attitude toward the students and for that reason the students felt encouraged to improve and participate more actively. She has a serene personality that communicates peace and confidence to the students. She has always shown good knowledge of the theoretical content that the students had to learn and great initiative to search for further information.”
-Liliana, co-teacher, Argentina

“Maja has proved to be a resourceful and creative teacher and has shown commitment with her role. She has also displayed care about aspects related to her students’ learning processes. She has come up with innovative approaches and has been able to maintain students’ motivation throughout their courses. Her flexibility and adaptability have proved assets to her establishment in our society.”
-Marcela, teaching supervisor, Argentina