Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I always consider my students’ needs and learning styles first and foremost. When planning lessons and developing curriculum, I center activities around my students’ needs and interests, creating a variety of opportunities for speaking and developing communicative competence. Students learn best when they feel comfortable in the classroom, so I strive to build a stress-free learning environment where learners feel at ease and ready to try new things.

I believe that in addition to being able to create a sense of rapport with students, teachers should also be willing and ready to adapt. Good teachers must not only plan for different scenarios, but also be prepared to modify lessons when need be. When I recognize things aren’t working, I change my approach to what will best fit each student.

I enjoy planning creative and interactive lessons and believe in creating a balance of teaching activities focusing on all skill areas needed for acquiring a language: listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. I always try to incorporate various approaches into my teaching to take multiple learning styles and student personalities into consideration. Each student is unique and learns in different ways, so I know there is not a one-size-fits all approach to teaching.