Why learn English?

As our population grows, it seems the world is actually getting smaller. Technology, the Internet and easy access to travel allow us to communicate with people halfway across the world. In order to communicate with each other, however, we need a common language. In many cases, that language is English.

English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world. There are 375 million native speakers, and even more who speak it as a second or foreign language. Some estimates say there are more than 2 billion English speakers in the world. The demand for English is increasing, so the number of speakers will only continue to grow.

English has become the language of global communication. It is the dominant language in everything from business, IT, science, diplomacy and aviation, to entertainment, sports, advertising and international competitions.

Whether you want to take a weekend getaway to Mallorca, or conduct negotiations with a Japanese businessperson, English will make the process that much easier. English can also lead to more employment opportunities, as many companies are becoming increasingly international. Having a firm grasp of the English language can put you a step ahead of the competition, and many companies only consider multilingual candidates.

Are you interested in computers and technology? The most popular language on the web is English and the majority of software programs are written in English. Eighty percent of the world’s electronically stored information is in English.

Do you want to further your education? English is the predominant language of academics in most of the world. Many professional publications are only printed in English, so anyone working in science or research needs to understand English in order to succeed. Textbooks in many other fields are also written in English, from business and medicine, to psychology and sociology.

The case for English is clear. The English language is increasingly being used here in Denmark. No matter what field or stage of life you are in; English skills will help you move to the next level. Many Danes have some knowledge in English, but feel insecure about actually using it. English lessons will not only improve language skills, but can also help students gain the confidence to take advantage of and actually use their language abilities.

Whether you already have a foundation of English skills, or are starting from the beginning, there is definitely room to grow!